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Assume the future through intuition, imagination,
flow of unconsciousness and revealing thinking.
See and feel the future from the future.

직관, 상상력, 무의식의 흐름및 계시적 사고를 통하여 미래를 예측한다. 미래 속에서 미래를 보고 느낀다.

미래 속에서 미래를 보는 것은 선택이 아니라 각각 개인들의 삶의 지속을 위한 피할 수 없는 필수적 현실이다.

My work has not been sold or rented. - No work was leaked. I want to deal with a small number of people or institutions rather than trading multiple places.
Fragmentary Thoughts on Art Seen through Painting the Animate Human Eyes
Painting the human eyes is one of the most difficult tasks, IT is thought to be allmost impossible to draw human eyes unless the consciousness of one who is painting the eyes can be seen with the naked eyes It is because one needs to incorporate the spirit and futuremore all the little elements of universe in it, Therefore, the eyes withhold the mystery, memory and mystical spaces from another world beyond expression. It is the reason why there is a saying The eyes are a window to the human heart! IT is thought to be a hidden window of communication that opens to the universe rather than a part of body, Therefore, painting the animate eyes can be the important criteria to judge whether the spirit of the author is alive or not. The animate eyes illustrate that the spirit of one who is painting the human eyes is alive and the author serises and is conscious of his position in this universe with his intuition. (Artistic creation, in its true meanings, can only be possible when the spirit of oneself is alive) The work, of art withholds the creative energy and supernatural inpormation and it becomes significant only when it is organically connected and closely associated with all objects. Those without such creative energy or supernatural information can be large in scale or seem marvelous to our eyes....
Intuitive thought fragments
Artists (Creators)​​Artists (Creators) work by continuing direct meeting, reception and interaction with other dimensions. Finger-floating a ball (dimension movement)
Universal art and kinds …Universal art and kinds of observation and causes(Type of my thoughts and status flow)        1. Think where no presence of people2. Start thinking at the place where people n . . .
layers of memories​​We have layers of memories comprised of numerous, not-configured times

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